When you need to get mediation on the books – NOW

Whether court ordered or voluntary, sometimes you are under pressure to get mediation on the books.  With Mediation Now you will be able to quickly schedule a 3 hour mediation session with one of our top neutrals. A set price for a 3 hour remote session will help get all parties to the table as you hammer out a resolution.  

  • You pick the date
  • We assign the neutral
  • Flat price for a 3 hour zoom mediation
Douglas A. MacKimm, Esq.
Douglas A. MacKimm, Esq.
Regina Taylor, Esq.
Regina Taylor
Joseph A. Kaiser, Esq
Joseph A. Kaiser, Esq.
Paul L. Groth, Esq
Paul L. Groth, Esq.
Jay F. Eidex, Esq
Jay F. Eidex, Esq.